Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Storage Solutions

Good Tuesday folks!  I have had a lot of readers ask me what kind of storage I use in my scrap space besides my Expedit so I thought I would share some fun photos today!  I am pretty sure I have a touch of O.C.D when it comes to organization and the amount of product I have.  Most scrappers are shop-o-holics hoarders, I can proudly say I am not!  It almost stresses me out when I have too much stuff.  I get overwhelmed and tend to loose track of what I have.  So to remain sane I must be uber organized and purge constantly!

So this past weekend I suited up with some Dunkin to purge and re-organize.


She didn't help much, however my laptop battery pack kept her warm


So first one of my favorite storage solutions is my wheeled carts by Iris.  I picked two of them up awhile ago from JoAnn's for about 40 bucks on sale. I have each drawer labeled and sorted.  Some of the trays are slotted, which makes for easy organizing all the small bits I have.




The other trays are not slotted and only about an inch deep, perfect for inks and stickles.


Now my other storage favorite I picked up at Ikea.  It's actually some sort of closet storage I believe, I found it perfect for me.  Plus you can add a top to each wire cart/basket thingie so you have extra counter space as well. I have two of these side by side and I use the top to house my very large cutter.


The width of the basket is almost the exact length of a thicker pack score! I have all mine sorted by type.  Chipboard, foam, fabric etc separated and divided with labels. Do not judge me on the amount, I make up for it for the lack of paper hoarding I have.  A little tip from me to you, once I open the thickers I turn them face to face and slip them back into the packaging rather then struggle with getting them back in the correct way.


In another basket I house all my American Crafts embies. With this system you can buy plastic insert/dividers they make a huge difference.



Maya Road stacked in a row


and finally in the bottom I have my punches.  The trays I used here where from an old kitchen organizer my mother in law gave me.  I just lucked out that they fit perfect!


Now for paper! I told you previously I actually don't have that much paper.  I hoard tools and thickers far more then paper. I use these paper holders by American Crafts to keep everything together.  I labeled the outside for whats inside then I made dividers with cardstock and tabs to keep them sorted.


Alright last thing and this isn't uber organized but I just love these boxes!


Have a good day!