Sunday, June 30, 2013

Smash Cake + a Paper Issues Sale

It's Sunday and that means there is a new "issue" up on the Paper Issues blog.  Stop by and check out this weeks theme sponsored by Ruby Rock it.  The PI store is currently moving sites!  They are having a close out sale on the Etsy Shop.  50% off your entire order!  Check that out HERE.


So for my contribution to the issue I chose this layout using Crate Papers Pier collection.  Cake, cooking, yano same difference!

_MG_0206 (2)

I really liked this collection.  The photo slide frames are currently a fav!

_MG_0207 (2)

_MG_0208 (2)

_MG_0209 (2)

_MG_0210 (2)


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Parker's Nursery + Silhouette Vinyl Border

Well I was all set to share Parker's new and improved big girl room when I realized I never shared final photos of her nursery.  I shared the beginnings but never the finished product.  I absolutely loved her nursery.  It is just so bright and happy.  Her bedding from the Land of Nod inspired her entire room.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl border, flowers and her name.



I created the pom poms using a tutorial I found on pinterest.  I ordered up some other random paper poms and balls and hung them using 3M clips and fishing line.



These shelves I picked up at Ikea years ago.  They no longer make them!  I have 6 or 7 and they have been used in almost every room in my house.  They are perfect!  Here you can also see Parker's name which is cut from Silhouette Vinyl as well as the border.  For the border I snapped a chalk line to keep them straight then cut out my border in 12" increments and applied.  It was easy peasy!  



The font I used it Fabulous 50's


Her bedding is from the Land of Nod and is called How does your Garden Grow.  It's not longer made.  I am so glad I snatched it up when I did. 



For the other side of the room we attached wood drawer knobs to the wall using straight up hot glue!  Because I knew these would not be holding anything heavy it was a really simple solution.  Easily removed with a blow dryer.  



Under her changing table storage was a must.  Her room is rather small and I needed to optimize everything!  I picked up these 3 set of baskets from amazon to hold all of her supplies.  They are canvas, held a ton and well they are cute!  

So there ya have it!  Like I said when we started we have yet another room to show you, but that's for another post!  Take care. 


My Lobster, My Love + American Crafts Wedding Week

This past week was Wedding week over at the AC Blog.  I created a two page project featuring Amy Tangerines Yes Please! Stop by and check it out!




Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Zooper Waltz + My thoughts on strollers & carseats

Well isn't that title a mouthful?  So back to my desire to share random mommy advice!  When I was pregnant I did no research, none.  It was silly I know, but there is just so much "crap" to look at, look over, which one yadda yadda.  When I did my registry I did it with my sister (no kids) and my step daughter.  It was like the blind leading the blind.  So I am going to share what I know now that I wish I knew then. 

First let's talk travel system.  A travel system is what they call a infant car seat and stroller combo usually with one car base for the car seat.  You don't have to have a 2nd base just FYI to use the car seat.  It can be installed without.  While a pain it will save you around 40 dollars.  My travel system was picked out by my sister.  The requirement was it was CUTE!  Oh dumb dumb dumb me LOL. 

We got the Baby Trend Expedition series plus one extra base.


Cute, I mean it is pink right? Well here is where I should have done some research.  The car seat it self was fine.  It holds up to 50lb baby (LOLOL) The jogger as well was fine.  It was great to shop with.  Held tons and you can steer with one hand.  It also had a iphone plug and speakers for your music when you did jog.  I don't jog btw.

So this is what I wish I knew then about car seats.  You don't have to have a infant car seat.  Its like a rip off.  Most convertible car seats start at 5lbs and go up to basically when your kid goes into a booster.  They recline and everything.  The only convenience to the infant seat is having somewhere to put your baby.  We only used our infant seat until Parker was 3 months old.  I have a freak of nature and she could sit up at 3 months.  She wanted to see and she was just too damn heavy to be honest.  At around 15lbs plus the weight of the car seat I was done.  If there were to be a next time I would forgo the infant seat and spend it on a nice baby carrier and wear the baby out instead.  

What I wish I knew then about strollers.  So while this stroller is nice and all and of course CUTE.  It didn't fit in my car.  You heard me.  It didn't dawn on me that it wouldn't fold up all nice and fit in my car (ford fusion)  So anytime I wanted to use it I had to take the wheels off.  If it was in my trunk nothing else could really be in there.  It pretty much sucked.  So while I didn't want to hurt my sisters feelings I ended up selling it.  Along with the infant carseat and both bases.  

So what I ended up buying instead is a light weight stroller.  An umbrella stroller on steroids. A Zooper Waltz.  The cheapest place to find them btw is on Amazon.  I did my research this time and had my check list of must haves for hopefully the only stroller I will own again.

- Must me lightweight and compact

-Must fully recline 

-Must have a full canopy

-Must have a food tray with cup holder 

-Must have better storage

-Must be able to steer with one hand

So yes I got my wishes with this one.  A couple other things too that I didn't even know I wanted.  The best feature is the storage basket.  It has zippers on both sides so if your kiddo is fully reclined you can still get into your stash! SCORE!  It also came with a foot muff, sun shade, extended canopy, arm rest that can be instead of the food tray and some infant accessories.  It was WELL worth the money.  We took it to the zoo this weekend and Parker was a big fan. 

So back to car seats.  As I said before Parker was out of her infant seat really quick.  I had registered for 2 convertible car seats and got them both.  The one above is by Safety 1st.  Again my research on these was zero.  I went by price and picked one that seemed not too expensive not too cheap.  The 2nd one is by Cosco and is no frills.  It was for my husbands car that she isn't in very often, so we didn't want to splurge on something not used a lot.  I will say that seat works fine and fits in his car. Well I wish I had gotten 2 of those seats ( discontinued btw) because you wouldn't believe it that this seat didn't fit in my car.  I am not kidding.  My husband pretty much wanted to strangle me.  I cried.  So what to do what to do. I got on google and starting searching car seats for compact cars.  There aren't many out there with that kind of information.  


We settled on a Britax Boulevard.  All Britax seats are highly rated and have all kinds of features.  The main one for us was would it fit.  You may or may not know this, but Babies R US will let you try it out!  I had no idea!  My store took our license and we took their floor model out and put it in the car.  SWEET.  So when in doubt try it out.  Learn from my dummy mistake.

So what I wish I knew then that I know now.  Save your boxes and receipts.  Yep I didn't with the car seat.  Do some research!  Go to the store and try it out first.  Also price doesn't always determine the quality.  I still wish I had another $80 car seat like my husbands.

So wow this was a huge mouthful.  Hope someone gets some good use out of my unsolicatied advice! 




Monday, June 24, 2013

Be Happy + Little Yellow Bicycle, Xyron & May Arts Swap

Happy Monday!  Today kicks off Little Yellow Bicycle, May Arts & Xyron collaboration week!  I have a project up on the Little Yellow Bicycle blog featuring all three.





made with Poppy, Naturals and a mix of Xyron and May Arts products.  Full list at the LYB Blog HERE and be sure to stop by and enter to win the amazing prizes this week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Party Favors & a sale at Little Yellow Bicycle

Hi everyone.  Today I have two sets of party favors up on the the Little Yellow Bicycle blog featuring Vintage Summer.  I used SVG cut files to create them.  Hop over to the LYB blog and check them out.  There is also a coupon code to buy Vintage Summer for 25% off straight from Little Yellow Bicycle! 



Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let's get Persnickety with Paper Issues & Persnickety Prints- Blog Hop

Hello Hello!  It's Sunday and we have a new issue up on the Paper Issues Blog.  This round Persnickety Prints is sponsoring our theme.  They were generous enough to let me choose some prints for a project.  Well we all know they print photos, but did you know they also print project life cards among other things?  Well THEY DO. 


This is my first official project life-ish page to grace the blog.  I picked up the AC Digitals Honey PL set a few weeks ago.  I love it!  So I uploaded the files, chose print on 3x4 PL cardstock and 4x6 PL cardstock.  There is also an option to have them round the corners for you (didn't know that!!)  I clicked send and within 4 days I had my cards.  Talk about fast.  They were beautiful!








Now head over to the Paper Issues blog and link up a project, or two or three, made with Persnickety prints and or fussy cutting elements.  You will be entered to win a gift card from Persnickety! Be sure to stop by Persnickety's facebook page and tell them Paper Issues sent ya! Have fun! 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Look MA I rode a camel - The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

So we took Parker to the zoo here in Baltimore for the first time over her birthday week.  She rode a camel.  Yes a camel.  I know you will be shocked to know she loved it. LOL.






She also rode on a Grandpa ;)


Making your kids day will NEVER get old. 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Parker 1-12 Baby Book Collage + American Crafts

I got a PM on Two Peas that said it would be really great to see all the layouts together from Parker's now finished baby book.  So here ya go!  1-12 all made with Dear Lizzy products from American Crafts.
IMG_0019 copy IMG_0018