Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Importance of Interfacing and the Magic Pattern Book

 Today I have a new sewing project featuring Amy Barickman’s The Magic Pattern Book.
I wanted to talk today about the importance of using interfacing in your projects.  I used the Cecelia Dress.  The premise of the book is to take 6 base patterns and change them up to create numerous styles and garments.  My friend made the shirt version along with me and it came out great!

Start with the Cecelia Dress Pattern….please know interfacing is not called out to be used for this pattern.  I however know what using it can provide to my finished garment, so I chose to add it.  I used Light Weight Heat N Bond® Fusible Interfacing on the pocket, the sash and the cuffs of my sleeve.  The purpose of interfacing is to provide structure.  It helps keep the shape of the pattern piece you use it on.  It also helps the fabric from pulling and puckering. I’ve gotten in the habit of using it on all large pockets.  I knew I wanted this large pocket to hold my gigantic smart phone.  After several hours of wear I didn’t want the pocket to be stretched out and droopy.  With interfacing it holds it’s shape and my phone beautifully.
When using HeatnBond®  interfacing on a sash I recommend placing the interfacing on only one side of the fabric.  Otherwise it will be too thick and bulky.
I have no fancy photos of myself or anything, but I do have a SELFIE!  Which I figured I would share anyway.  I wanted you to see after 12 hours of wear how the dress looked at the end of the day. Check out that pocket!  If you are a beginner I highly recommend this book.  It has a lot of great information and the patterns are great.  If you are a full bust gal I suggest you watch a video on how to do a full bust adjustment. It will make fitting your garment much easier!

Supplies Used:  
Fabric by Allison Glass

Monday, April 27, 2015

Make it Monday- PCHEZ & Office Suite

Goo Monday gang!  Have you checked out Office Suite by Fancy Pants yet?  I am in love with this collection!  The color palette is awesome.  You can grab some now in the Paper Issues Shop! (details below)

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the line..

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter Cousins in their Tilly Dresses

Hey gang! stopping by to share some Easter photos and the dresses I made for Parker and her cousin Hailey.  They seriously were ADORABLE.  I used the Art Gallery collection called Littlest and I heavily modified the Tilly top by Brownie Goose.  The dress had mega twirl potential! They both had their buckets from the POP Shop and matching headbands.  They might look back at this 20 years from now and say.."OMG why did my mom dress us matching!!!!"  Oh well girls :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

POP Shop Update! Custom Bible Covers

Hi gang!  Stopping by to share some more shop items!  Bible covers have been VERY popular.  Lot's of scrapbookers are Bible Journaling and doing Illustrated Faith with Shannon Noel.  We can put just about any design on them.  They are microfiber and super sturdy.  Find them on POP!