Friday, July 19, 2013

my kids crazy hair

I was going through photos of Parker and I came across a set that I really like of her.  I had gotten a new light set up and had it on in the living room.  She was all about it that day.  It was just after the holidays so she was about 7 months I think.

New lights 033

So the thing I noticed was her hair.  People keep asking if her hair is lighter and I am all yeah sure.  Looking back I guess I didn't realize just how dark her hair was.  She never lost her baby hair she was born with and this kid has for real had 8 or 9 hair cuts.  It's totally ridiculous. 

New lights 068

Her eyes have lightened up some compared to here however they are still an odd color.  I keep thinking she is going to wake up one day with brown eyes.  They are still blueish but dark and some days I swear they look more hazel.  My pedi said they will stay the same after one year other places I have read that's not true.  What's your experience?  

New lights 052

one more just because she is cray. 

Vacation 086

here is her hair last weekend.  (all photos SOTC)  

Vacation 068

Pretty dress 073

Do her eyes look different?  HA.  Told ya cray.  No really here is one.

Pretty dress 099

It's hard to get a clear shot of her eyes.  She won't sit still for long.  Anyway, Happy weekend!



  1. Hey, Jen! With my kids they tended to keep their same eye color after one but Lily's are still changing and she's 2. So, there ya go. Little miss P is adorable!

  2. My daughter was born blue but changed to green probably around 1 1/2. She's just too her facial expressions. Such a happy little cutie!

  3. Well it looks like I have another year of waiting then lol

  4. She couldn't be cuter! Love the hair and the eyes! Just everything. :)

  5. What a cutie! My daughter had bright blue eyes until she was like 18 months. Now they are hazel but will even look violet if she is wearing purple.