Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome Friends + A Silhouette Vinyl Project

TGIF Folks!  Today I have a super quick and fun project for you!  It's no secret that I like vinyl.  You can see that HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  So this past Spring I decided to paint my front doors. Red & Grey where my choices.  Our storm door is pretty beat up and old.  What stinks is because we live in a row house everything is not standard sizes.  So to replace our door is going to cost, a freaking lot.  So I have been trying my best to just jazz stuff up as best I can until we can replace!  


The red was a big hit with me! Maybe not my husband, but what does that matter? Anyhow I thought it needed something else, so I got out my Silhouette Vinyl and used the Welcome Friends & Family file in the Silhouette shop and cut!  That simple.  Took me all of 10 minutes and mama was happy!


Everyone notices my door now.  The UPS guy said I need to add Welcome friends, family and amazon deliveries.  Yes he is a comedian folks!  I'd love to see your vinyl projects!  Have any to share?



  1. I love this!! I have been wanting to do something to jazz our door up as well! I might have to borrow your idea! :)

  2. It looks good! I really need to use some of my vinyl that I've been collecting :)

  3. this is such a COOL idea! LOVE the hubby comment--sometimes they just don't get the vision! ;)