Thursday, June 6, 2013

Parker 1-12 Baby Book Collage + American Crafts

I got a PM on Two Peas that said it would be really great to see all the layouts together from Parker's now finished baby book.  So here ya go!  1-12 all made with Dear Lizzy products from American Crafts.
IMG_0019 copy IMG_0018


  1. I love that you've put it all together so we can see how she grew in her first year. And how cute are those leg warmers? Jen you've done a beautiful job of each layout.

  2. Love it!! You were on it too!! My little guy will be 8 months, and I haven't even started his! I have the monthly photo, just need to get them scrapped!

  3. I LOVE seeing these all together! You inspired me to do the same with Jane :)

  4. I've loved seeing all these layouts as I am due in 33 days and think I will make a book like this as it seems more managable at first - a layout a month. Her little leg warmers are so cute!

  5. Mel
    Thanks for your comment. I gotta say I was worried about being pressed for time with the baby book layouts. Keeping the design the same helped a lot! So you don't have to rack your mommy brain for new ideas each month! Congrats!

  6. Its never too late amanda!

  7. So girly, sweet and lovely! Just beautiful! She will treasure these someday!

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