Monday, February 25, 2013

Elle's Studio, You & Me

I received Elle's new lines in the mail and let me just say I AM IN LOVE.  You & Me is so sweet and I can't wait to try out Day to Day.  Here is a layout using You & Me.  





Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Parker at 8 Months

Parker at 8 Months 131

The more mobile she gets the harder it is to get these photos!  Typically I have a bunch and just don't post them all.  This month I got exactly 6 that were useable. lol. 

Parker at 8 Months 135

She is EVERYWHERE.  Weighing in at 21.5lbs and around 29".  She is obviously crawling, cruising on furniture, eating our food and is sassy as ever. Little things emerge everyday.  Like this morning she laughed at the cartoon she was watching.  Like wow where did that come from?

Parker at 8 Months 146

she's a mommas girl although will only say dada.  I am convinced she thinks I am dada, whatever. 

Parker at 8 Months 156

Parker at 8 Months 158

5 seconds later the sticker went in the mouth.  I guess we are done! lol.  Here is here monthly layout for month 7.  Featuring 5th & Frolic.