Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Sew- Curtain Refresh with Thermoweb

Happy Mid- Week WHOOP!  I have a quick and simple curtain hack using Thermowebs Peel and Stick Fabric Fuse.  I used this stuff to make a no sew curtain for my scraproom and I also made the no sew bean bags for Parker.  It is so flippin handy.  Especially if you can't, just hate to sew.  Our house faces West and it gets beat on with the sun 90% of the day.  So in the summer months I have to keep thermal/heat blocking sun blocking curtains on my windows.  These curtains for the most part are pretty boring.  Most don't even come in a pattern.  I've been slowing doing to updating to my living room and was on the hunt for new curtains.  I had thought about sewing them myself and using a thermal backing, but one I figured out the cost....holy cow NO. hack.  I was at Kohls and these quatrefoil curtains were on sale for 19.99 (what a deal!)  Butttttttt they were not thermal, wah wah.  I bought them anyway thinking I could add the thermal backing to them.  Then it dawned on me.  I had my own curtains so I decided to just attach them to the back of the new ones.  Problem solved AND I didn't have to sew a darn thing.  Here is how simple it is.

I spread out the curtain on the floor and placed the tape along the top.  Thankfully the red thermal curtains were the same width.  
 Press firmly and peel back the tape.  Then place your other curtain on the tape and press firmly making sure you have a good bond. 

Now once I hung the curtains I placed another couple pieces down the sides of the panels to hold them in place when I pull them open and closed.  Total cost $44.  Not bad eh? Fabric Fuse is machine washable so no worries!  I also attached the red curtains upside down so the more bulky part with the tabs was at the bottom.  My curtains fall behind the couch, so you wont see it.  I didn't want to cut them just yet in case I wanted to refashion them again later.  Happy Fusing!


  1. This is the exact fabric I have been searching for. Please share where we can purchase it. Thank you for you awesome tutorial. I will share it with my daughters. Love, Love, Love your ideas.

  2. Hey suzi, the curtains are from kohls pre made!

  3. Love this and those curtains are oh so fab!!! I will sure your tutorial too! Great job girl! ;-)

  4. what a great idea! I found u via blissful and domestic link up.

  5. I love these curtains! The pattern on the fabric is gorgeous!