Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick and Easy No Sew Bean Bags with Thermoweb

Jen Chesnick - No Sew Bean Bags - Thermoweb-DIY

Hi everyone! I have a quick and easy no sew project for you today using Thermowebs Peel and Stick fabric fuse and the book Never Been Stitched.  We were challenged to use this book as inspiration for our projects.  Here is how I did it!

The Pretty Place mat Pillows tutorial gave me an idea for creating quick and easy bean bags for my daughter.  She loves getting in our way while playing cornhole, so I thought she would enjoy her own set.
Jen Chesnick - No Sew Bean Bags - Thermoweb

I started with a fat quarter of Basic Grey fabric, PeelNStick Fabric Fuse and some Split Peas.
Jen Chesnick- No Sew Bean Bags- Thermoweb

Since my fabric was pre-cut this made things go much more smoothly.  Simply peel and stick your fabric fuse to all four sides.
Jen Chesnick - No Sew Bean Bags - Thermowedetail

Leave one side of your tape covered while you fill with your peas (or beans or rice whatever you have) then close.  Just like that you have yourself a bean bag.  I made six in a matter of 30 minutes or.
Jen Chesnick - No Sew Bean Bags - Thermowedetail1

You'll also have yourself one happy child!
Jen Chesnick- Parker- Thermoweb2

Jen Chesnick- Parker- Thermoweb1

Supplies Used:  Peel N Stick Fabric Fuse

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