Sunday, May 25, 2014

Isle of Palms Vacation- Photo Heavy

If you have followed my blog you've seen my posts about our summer vacations in the Outer Banks, NC every year.  This year my Sister was getting married in Charleston!  So we all loaded up and spent a week in Isle of Palms, SC (and all around there)  Parker of course was a fish in water.  This kid LOVES the beach.  I mean seriously.  So here are some of my favorite photos from the beach.  I have a ton of wedding photos and such I will do in separate posts since there will be so many. 

Lots of shells made the trip home.  I was in her room several days later putting her clothes away from vacation and there was this smell in her bag.  I couldn't figure out what it was!  Her shells were in a Crown Royal bag, classy I know, anyway I opened it and about passed out.  She had 2 clams, well they were clams, now rotting clams.  Holy hell it was foul!  Note to self to check her shells next time. 

Man oh man there sure is something about that golden hour of sun.  I wish it would have stayed out longer this day.  I only got a few photos while it was out.  Isle of Palms was very nice.  Small, clean beaches and the people were so darn nice.  I would go there again in a heart beat! 

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  1. she is an absolute doll baby! I couldn't pick a favorite face :) they were all so adorable !