Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter 2014 - Better late then never! (Photo Heavy)

Well right around Easter is when Typepad took a dive and I had never gotten a chance to share our Easter shenanigans with you all!  It certainly was a fun time this year.  Parker was way more into it and sort of got it I guess.  Egg coloring was a doozy! She was all about decorating them though.  We used my sticker and alpha stash along with her crayons.  Those were a big hit.  We also tried to dye our eggs with kool aid.  I wasn't a huge fan!  Unless you need to add something too the kool aid.  Ours didn't turn out very bright and most of the colors didn't even take.  At least we can say we tried!  Next year we may try another fun Pinterest project. 

Once the eggs were good to go time for the bunny to come!  Or I really should have said Hello Kitty because that is what her basket was filled with. 

This part...she was TOTALLY jacked up about.  By far the coolest thing ever in her opinion.  AND she got to eat a cadbury egg for breakfast #motheroftheyear 

After she destroyed her loot it was off to Grandmas for the annual Easter egg hunt.

She made out with her "monies" from her eggs which went right into her piggy bank.  We wrapped up the day with some bubbles and big ole nap.  I hope you enjoyed your Easter with your family!

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