Friday, May 30, 2014

Charleston - The Wedding Pictures (Photo Heavy)

Here is the last installment of my photo wrap up of my Sisters wedding.  The photo above is NOT by me :) (all others are) It's by her photographer at Riverland Studios.  You can find them HERE along with their amazing preview of her photos.  I did not get many photos of the reception nor the actual wedding since I was in it.  People cannot be trusted with a camera ya'll.  So I took photos of the flower making, the getting all pretty and a few at the reception.  I can't wait to see all the other photos.  The gal who did our hair and makeup had the most amazing space.  If you are ever in Charleston and are planning your wedding look her up HERE at Paper Dolls. But first let's arrange some flowers. 

There were literally buckets of flowers strung out everywhere.  For none of us having a clue as to what we were doing they all came out amazing!  

Now on to the pretties!

The Maid of Honor had tanks made for all of us with her hashtag #laffeypartyoftwo

and well you gotta get the kids dancing of course.  They were a RIOT.  

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