Monday, June 2, 2014

Parker at age 2

Happy Birthday to my not so little baby!  Ya'll I cannot believe she is two!  When I was pregnant people would say "Enjoy it, it goes so fast"  They really did mean it.  Out are the days of getting nice smiley pictures of Parker.  She typically won't even look at me to take a picture half the time.  We took her out to Kinder Farm Park to run around and try to get a few pictures to document her 2nd birthday.  Which btw was awesome those pics to come later.  

Look I got a smile!  Stats are:  36" or so tall, weighing in at 34lbs. Size 4T clothes and 8 shoes.  Shes gonna be a tall one! She is 99% potty trained!  I am calling her good, but you never know!  We are in undies all the time woot!  She currently loves the color purple, Tinker Bell, Frozen, Her play kitchen and food, and her baby doll stroller. She has turned into that toddler who only wants chicken nuggets.  She used to eat everything! Oy Vey.  She also says I DO IT, a whole lot. 

Thanks for being here and sharing in these past two years.  More photos to come! (of course :)

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