Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bethany Lane Camera Necklaces and a Discount Code!

Hey Ya'll!  Lots of you have asked were the bows Parker always wears are from, so I am letting you in on the secret! I got them from Bethany Lane.  Bethany Lane is a new company founded by some friends from the Scrapbooking Community.  They asked if I would like to share some of my favorite things from time to time. Of course I said sure and Parker got a package last week with two Vintage Camera Necklaces.  This girl and her accessories lately. OY VEY.  She is all about it!  She was smitten to get a new necklace.  I asked her if we could go take some pictures outside and she had to have her pony and her bows to match.  She even let me wear the other necklace.  Thanks girl.


This was her, no take a picture necklace.  ok! lol Bethany Lane is offering a coupon code for my readers.  This code works on any product from Bethany Lane not just the necklaces.  You can check out their offerings at  This code offers you $5 of a $5 purchase, which makes these necklaces just 3.99! for two. 

Use code:  JenCBL$5off  

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