Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Polka Dot background with Zots and Gelatos

Hi gang, I have a tutorial on the Thermoweb blog today using Zots and Gelatos check it out!
To start I used Zots™ in Medium, 3 different color Geltaos, a water pen and my canvas.
I tore of a couple strips of Zots™ and placed them directly on the canvas.  I didn’t intentionally line them up, but because of how they are placed on the strips they came out totally lined up!  Peel of the backing.  Because you are using canvas you might have to hold down one of the edges to get it to stick.
When your done it should look something like this.
Next scribble your gelato all over your canvas kind of like a crayon.  There are no mistakes here!_MG_1576
Then using your water pen blend your colors into your canvas.  You’ll notice them turning into that pretty water color look. 
Before your canvas dries peel off your Zots™.  I used tweezers but they come off pretty easily by hand.  I wouldn’t suggest letting them sit over night you may end up with a permanent bond.
Let your canvas dry overnight and decorate!
Jen Chesnick- Zots Album- Thermoweb

Jen Chesnick- Zots Album- Thermoweb2

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