Friday, June 9, 2017

How to make an ITH Snaptab (Key Fob- Key Ring)

Hey gang! Tonight we shot a live video in our Facebook group.  If you are a member you can re-watch it HERE.  If not scroll down to our YouTube link to the video.  We discussed how to make an in the hoop (ITH) snaptab.  Also known as key chain or key fob.  In the hoop items are super popular and sell very well at craft shows and are just super rad gifts!!!

Tonight we ran two designs.  First up we ran the Seashell snaptab.  A simple design and versatile for the summer. 

Our second design was one of our very popular filled mermaid snaptab.  A touch different then the first, but just as simple to make. 

Here is a list of supplies you will need.  I encourage you to watch the video and get started! Some of these links are affiliate links.  Affiliate links help me earn money when you use them to purchase supplies. The money from these purchases help keep my business going.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Parker on the Porch Supply List

Good morning friends. It has been about a minute since I've posted on my blog.  I am dusting it of to share tutorials and handy links to my shop Parker on the Porch. So for today I am going to go over my supply list with links.  Most of these are affiliate links.  Affiliate links help me earn money when you use them to purchase supplies. The money from these purchases help keep my business going.

I recommend software for everyone.  It will help you place names, customize your items and see the stitch outs before you sew.  I suggest Embrilliance Essentials.  It's a great program that will grow with you!

I shop vinyl almost exclusively from My Punkbroidery.  Amy is great, please check out her website! 

I will also use I am not a Geek supplies to pre- order vinyl.  Check out Katie's Facebook group

I use Kamsnaps for all my snaptabs, cord keepers and ITH projects.  You can buy directly from KamSnap.  I highly recommend using a table press for your snaps.  Especially if you will be selling the items you make.  Size 20 snaps are the standard. 

Amazon also has a good selection of starter kits with a hand press.  You can find some HERE

I get my zippers from Zipit on etsy.  She is great and FAST to ship!  Use code: PARKERONTHEPORCH and save 10% everytime!

I tend to pre-order most of my folder over elastic for planner bands, hair ties etc.  I order from Nicole at Little Stinkers on Facebook

I have 2 machines I use.  The Janome 400E and the Brother PE770.  Both fantastic Machines.  The 770 is great for beginners and the 400E is a good next step! 

I buy a lot of my general supplies straight from Amazon.  Here are several that I get the most questions about.

If you have any questions for feel the list needs some additions let me know! I will gladly update my post. Join us on Facebook for videos and chitter chatter.

You can find my designs at