Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend photo wrap up!

It's been a great weekend. One of those let's not end please! Friday after work (and dinner) we decided to go get ice cream. They had a balloon gut (not pc but what are they called??) Parker thrift enjoyed her ice cream, Purple Dragon, and not one but two balloons because well she's two.

On Saturday my friend Lesley came by and hung out with Parker while I went clothes shopping ( for her of course) ALONE.  It was GLORIOUS and she had an amazing time too. 

Saturday afternoon we went down to visit Bill's parents and ended up having a family BBQ.  We played t-ball, cornhole and hung out with cousins.  Look how cute are these two kids. 

Parker all jacked up on grandmas cookies by the time we got home. 
On Sunday we had a Mothers Day do-over.  I was very sick on Mothers Day, so we sort of celebrated today.  We hit the Baltimore Farmers Market first thing.  Ate biscuits and gravy, fresh donuts, coffee, omelettes and some other stuff I don't remember.  Parker and I had some fun playing with the hula hoops. 

She got a Hello Kitty Hat.

We ended the day hanging out with our neighbors and played some more outside.  I think the T-Ball set is a hit. 

All photos posted from my phone and apparently something is on my forward facing camera.  Must fix ASAP so we can have more toddler selfies. 

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