Monday, July 21, 2014

All that AWESOME- Thermoweb and Fancy Pants

Monday, oyyyy let's start the week off right shall we?  Thermoweb is teaming up with Fancy Pants the next two weeks to share all kinds of projects.  I have a couple to share and we are kicking it off with Be Yourself.  This collection.....I die y'all.  So my last DT order from Thermoweb I picked up some Super Stiks.  It's been years, and I mean YEARS since I have used a glue stick.  I was never a fan.  However these have now changed my mind.  

One of the big reasons I hate glue sticks is because they warp the paper.  Not so with the Super Stik.  I was impressed and kept going.  Another peeve is they don't dry quick enough like a tape runner does.  Welllllllll, it does.  The final sell?  The cap holds it for you while you were.  Ok I am done :)

Ok so how about some details.  Lot's of layering going on here.  Stop by the TOW blog for more and I will be sharing a couple more projects this week!