Monday, July 28, 2014

Cascade Lake- Daycare Field Trip Day!

Last week Parker's daycare had a summer field trip to Cascade Lake.  I was happy to be able to go with them.  The kids had THE BEST TIME.  Since becoming a mom I have really been trying ti find fun things to do with her.  I am not from the area, so I really have to seek things out.  In a mom group a gal shared a newsletter that comes out weekly sharing things to do in the Baltimore/DCish area every week.  You can see the calendar of events HERE and sign up for the emails.  I highly recommended it!  

Alright!  So Cascade Lake is located in Hampstead.  It took around an hour to get there from Baltimore.  It was an easy drive and easy enough to find.  The cost to get in is roughly in line with other attractions around the state.  They have the lake, tons of picnic tables with small grills, a small beach and board walk before the water, a driving platform, 3 slides, paddle boats and more.  It really was a great find.  The kids loved the lake.  LOVED. I am only going to share mostly Parkers photos and a couple of my girlfriends kids because I don't know how the parents would feel about their kids on the blog and that is A OK! We had 8 kids in tow and 3 adults.  

For the bigger kids the slides were by far the big hit of the day.  For the was the SPLASH PAD.  They are hard to come by in Maryland believe it or not! 

The splash pad was super nice and was located right by the food and snow ball stand.  The food was dogs, corn dogs, fries etc.  It wasn't super expensive either! 

Highly recommend Cascade Lake.  We will be going back before summers end for sure! 

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