Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday- Crate Paper & Accent it All Vinyl by Glue Arts

Some projects just can't wait.  I had an idea for this and I thought I would share the how to with you! It features Crate Paper Portrait line and Accent it All Vinyl made by Glue Arts.


Large Ikea Frame, mine is about 4ft by 3ft.  Might be bigger.....it's huge let's just say that.

5-6 sheets of 12x12 paper or a 6x6 pad would work, in Portrait

Extreme Tac by Glue Arts

U-Cut Foam by Glue Arts

Accent it All Vinyl

Electronic Die-cutting Machine.  I used my e-craft.

Misc buttons, brads, circles.

Sharpie, Tape Measure, Level.

To start I removed all the pieces of the frame.  Using the mat and my sharpie I marked where the mat would lay inside the frame. I went ahead and used the backer board itself as my base.



Next I chose to cut my paper into 5x5 squares.  You could really do this any size you want.  If I had a 6x6 pad I would have probably used that instead of cutting the paper down.  The goal was to make a quilt of sorts.  I chose to keep repeating the pattern up and down to create a diagonal.


Once I had my pattern laid out, I used Extreme Tac to adhere.  This stuff is FAB for altered projects.  Ridiculous hold I tell ya.


Next, I made some buttons for the seams of my "quilt" I used brads, punches circles, velum circles and buttons.  Really whatever you like or have too much off errr buttons. :)


layer layer layer (x15)


Back with some U-cut foam, yep.....you cut it yourself. love.



Ok, back. done! Set that aside we are going to work on the plastic frame insert and vinyl!  To start, remove the plastic protective coating from ONE side of your piece.  Leave the backside on. Using the plastic protective coating side I marked where the mat lays in the frame and then roughly measured 3 lines for where I wanted my words to lay.


Flip your piece back to the side without the protective coating.  Now using my e-Craft software I choose 3 different fonts for my piece.  Chesnick, EST and the year.  When you cut vinyl you want to what's called "kiss cut" You want your machine to cut through the vinyl, but not the backing of the vinyl so you can easily peel it off.  So I set my machine to a depth of 4 out of 8 and I placed a piece of card stock underneath to make it sturdy.  If you have a machine that uses a mat then putting it directly on the mat should work fine.  Using my lines as guides I peeled and stuck my letters!  Once you are done, peel the back side of the protective coating off.


and drum roll please.




Love right? You could do this so many ways and in so many different frames, mirrors etc! The vinyl is really awesome.  You can punch it as well and it peels off easy peesy.  So if you mess up, no big deal! Just peel and start over. 

Hope you enjoy! If you make something I would love to see!


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