Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here's to new jeans

I'm still feeling all around crappy.  Heartburn, gas, nauseous, hungry 24-7 but everything makes me ill.  It's good times!  To boot I am so bloated and gaining a bump that I am in dire need of pants.  I tried a bella band, but it's not really cutting it for me.  So Sunday Tina went with me to Pennys and I picked up two pair of maternity jeans. I thought it would be weird, but I am so damn comfortable!  Now if I could find some khakis for work I will be all set.  


My first appointment is next week and I am super nervous and excited.  I joined an on-linebaby club by month and most of those ladies have already gone.  Since I am at the very end of May maybe even June I've been waiting for what seems like forever.  I'll be 8 weeks on Wednesday!  That's a big step.  Only 4 more to go and I hope I am on the road to feeling better.  


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