Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bye Bye Kitchen!

So if you have been reading my blog for a few years now you have followed the trials and tibulations of living in a small space!  Our kitchen was one of the last rooms in the house that we had not properly tackled.  It seems some changes since we moved in 5 years ago, but nothing like we did this past week.  Things really needed to get done before baby otherwise I was concerned it would never get done and I would be stuck with the god awful kitchen forever.

So the big goal was new base cabniets.  The way our current room is configured we only had a 24" stove. Which was an upgrade believe it or not from the 20" one we had when we moved in.  I can even cook a pizza in it!  When we moved in we had no upper cabniets and for a long time we had very long large shelves to hold "stuff" My Mother-in-law scored these uppers for us from a neighbor for FREE whoopie! They will get a facelift!


So in order for me to get a full size 30" stove the cabinets needed to be rearranged.  That in itself was a seriously challenge.  Living in an old house the pipes are cast iron and not movable. Oy!  In the end we got it worked out.  I don't feel I lost that much counter space (even though I did!) because we got to move the sink over to make the space I do have much bigger.

Photo (1)

I told Bill as long as I had a place for my Keurig all was good in the world.  Which he left me exactly 7 inches of space for it lol.  The cabinets we bought un-finished (and are much cheaper!) because I knew I wanted to paint them white anyway.  The counter top was awesome! It's so nice compared to what we had.  It's not granite, but hey it was a good bargin ;)

Photo (3)

After everything was installed I spent the day putting on ohhh I think 6 coats of white on the cabinets and patching up the walls for new paint!  Not to worry, latex paint is fine for preggo chicks with good air flow.  I being the sweaty mess that I am had the back door open all day even though it was only ohh 32 degrees.

Photo (5)

Alright, while not the total finished product this is the home stretch.  I painted and did some finishing.  The floor is actually done since the pic!  Bill is going to install the molding and the panel for behind the stove this weekend.  Now the hard part:  The stove is not being replaced until Feb! NOOOOOOOOOOO.  Ok well I've waited 5 years, what's another month.  When that is done I will take final good shots!

Photo (4)

I know you were wondering what was on the other side of the room.  I've been really stressed about not having enough space for baby.  Bill and I don't have a ton of food in the house to space wasn't so much of an issue.  I am sure you have figured out that is going to change! So I replaced one of the wire racks with a small pantry.  I am debating chalkboard paint on the left side or just buying a chalkboard instead.  Thoughts?
So total cost around $500 sans stove.  Not too bad I think! Hope you enjoyed ;)

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