Saturday, April 20, 2013

Parker at 10 Months

a little late again this month.  She will be 11 months next week LOL!  Another rough month for photos.  Honestly I will be glad when we are done.  Almost 1 year I can't believe it. 

Parker at 10 Months 132

Parker at 10 Months 148

She weighed in at 23lbs and I think 30" not totally sure I can't remember!  She is HULK BEBEH.  She weighs almost 25lbs with clothes on that I can tell you.  Right after her Pedi appt she got double pink eye! She is walking and talking.  Eating just about anything we give her.  She sleeps through the night for the most part and has 7 teeth.

Parker at 10 Months 151

Parker at 10 Months 158

and here is her 9 Month baby book installment.




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