Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Camera and Editing choices

I get a lot of emails and messages on facebook asking about my camera equipment and photo editing software.  So I thought I would go ahead and put that all on here for you!  

I used to exclusively shoot with Nikon.  I started out with a D40 then quickly upgraded to the D90.  Just before Parker was born I really wanted to upgrade to the D7000 or higher.  The D7000 was out stock for a long time, a LONG TIME!  I was panicky so I sold on my Nikon gear and switched to Canon.  I purchased the Canon 60D.  I really wish I could have gone with a full frame body, but with a baby coming I just couldn't financially do it.  Next time!



I went ahead and purchased the Kit lens as well because I was unfamiliar with Canon and had no clue what lens I wanted. Typically it comes with the 18-135MM 3.5 which I what I went with.  I don't use this lens often, but its great for outdoors and in well lit areas.  


F4.5 1/640 ISO-200 SOOC

After I had my body for a bit I went ahead and picked up two other lenses.  I had a Sigma 18-50MM 2.8 wide with my Nikon and decided to go ahead and pick one up for my Canon.  While not a true wide angle lens for my budget it works great and rarely ever comes off my camera.


F/5 1/400 ISO-200 SOOC

The other lens I picked up I also had for my Nikon and that is the 50MM 1.8 prime (or fixed)  I love this lens too because it is fabulous for low and light and its very inexpensive!  I must not use it too often because I can't find a photo I've taken with it. 

So for editing I used Lightroom 2.  I also have CS6 and PSE11 I don't use either of these for my photos, but I do use them to edit project photos.  For my photos a lot I will do some minor adjustments and then typically with run some Lightroom presets.  I use Pretty Presets and Itty Bitty presets. 



Parker at 10 Months 022

Pool time 058

I use quite the set-up to photograph my projects and I will post all that information in another post. Hope this was helpful! Feel free to email and or comment with questions. 






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