Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photos & The Joys of Toddlers

I have come to the point in taking pictures that I sort of know what I am doing (most of the time) When it now comes to taking pictures of Parker all bets are off on if they will be in focus. On Halloween I took some photos of Parker in her costume and a few of her and her sister Tori for the Christmas card.  Most of the photos look like this:

Jen Chesnick- Halloween 2

Sometimes shes so darn quick I can't even keep up with her let alone adjust my shutter settings when the light keeps changing.  I of course love that photo.  I wish it was in focus.  I am going to just start embracing scrapbooking the blur. 

Jen Chesnick- Halloween 6

I did get some shots in focus thankfully.  I made her costume from a photo I found on pinterest.  I love how it came out and it was SO easy.



Jen Chesnick- Halloween 3

Jen Chesnick- Halloween

Jen Chesnick- Halloween 4

Jen Chesnick- Halloween 5

I got just a couple of Parker and Tori that were usable.  Another toddler issue is just getting them to look at the camera let alone smile......or anything really.  I love these!  I'm not sharing the actual Christmas card photo.  It can wait ;)

Jen Chesnick- Fall

Jen Chesnick- Fall2


  1. Adorable pictures. She is a little doll. My little girl has an owl hat similar to that one. :)