Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore


We have been checking off a long list of things to do with Parker this Christmas.  We did GOOD with this adventure.  I knew Parker would love going to the B & O Railroad Museum, I just didn't realized HOW MUCH she would love it. First off if you are in the area and have kids that love Thomas or trains etc I highly recommend it.  It's not that expensive and you can do the mile train ride.  Which was the highlight of her day I think.  Santa surely was NOT. 



The building itself if smaller then I expected it to be.  They have lots of engines and stuff crammed in.  There is also a section built in for kids so they can drive the train see the insides and stuff.  They also have a play area with lots of train tables and stuff.  We sat for an hour while she played with them.


They had lots of train sets up and she sat watching them for a long time.  Seriously over the moon. 


The carousel is ALWAYS a big hit. 


The train ride itself was super fun.  It's only a mile and they had Santa & Mrs Clause coming through saying hi, photos and lollipops.  


This was her face when she saw Santa.  She screamed in delight.  We were so excited!  Then as soon as we said do you want to have a photo with Santa she flipped out.  No Photo.  No Photo.


And this was all I got.  She was not having it.  She gave him stink eye and clung to her sister for dear life.  At least she isn't crying I guess.  We finished off the day and she passed out in the car.  Fabulous time! 


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