Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kid Friendly - Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

Fabric, cut into 6″ length then ripped roughly into 1.5″ sections.  Doesn’t have to be perfect.
A couple tree branches or sticks
Ornament hooks
items to decorate your tree, we used sequins
Glitter Dust™ & Zots™ Medium
Trim down your stick to roughly 6″ or size as desired.  Tie your fabric pieces to your stick until you like the way it looks. Attach your ornament hook to the top by twisting it tight.  Trim down your fabric to create the “tree” shape.
Using Medium Zots™ create a strip of sequins for your little one to use to decorate.  Bonus most kids like to peel stickers and you just created them a whole sheet!
Once you are done take them outside and give them a good shot of Glitter Dust™ and enjoy!

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  1. Oh! So cute! This is a great idea for a class party craft.