Sunday, June 7, 2015

Parker's First Birthday- Out to Sea

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We held Parker's first birthday party Memorial day weekend.  It all came together without much stress thank goodness.  We have a HUGE family, huge.  So we opted to have it at a park pavilion.  It was really nice and if you are in the MD area I suggest Quiet Waters park in Annapolis.  So here are her decorations.  Little Yellow Bicycle generously sent me what they had left of the Splash (my favorite!!) collection so I could make them. 
1st birthday 003 1st birthday 012 1st birthday 014 1st birthday 021
1st birthday 007
1st birthday 017
The cake was the show stopper by far.  It was ADORABLE and tasted great.  Parker  
1st birthday 186
1st birthday 185
She wanted to make sure we had some too.
1st birthday 193
1st birthday 196
Pre-cake we took some family photos.  Below is My husband, Myself, Parker and her sister Victoria.
1st birthday 073
This is Victoria's Mom, Bill, Myself, Parker, Victoria and her boyfriend Josh.
1st birthday 081
Someone is sure to email me and ask, her dress is from Gymboree.  Her shoes are Hoy Saltwater Sandals.
1st birthday 038
1st birthday 127
She was set to have a meltdown after the cake so we hurried to try and get the presents done without her passing out. My niece took the photos and the Unicorn rocker was by far her favorite toy.
1st birthday 223
1st birthday 204
1st birthday 208
1st birthday 218
She's a very blessed and loved little girl.  She had a great day and crashed the heck out after.  :)

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