Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parker at 11 Months

Parker at 11 Months 019

well here we are.  11 months.  In two weeks my baby will be a year old.  Holy smokes!  At 11 months she weighs 24lbs and is roughly 30" tall.  She has count um 10 teeth.  She is practically running.  She says dada, mama, dog, car and ut oh.  She is loving climbing on stuff and driving me crazy.

Parker at 11 Months 024

Parker at 11 Months 058

how 3/4 of her photos turn out these days.

Parker at 11 Months 047

I had to bribe her with Cheerios on my picture ledge for her booty shot.

Parker at 11 Months 038

and on this day, we had pigtails.

Parker at 11 Months 063

and here is her 10 month baby book installment.  Made with more 5th & Frolic. 



  1. I love the little leggings! She is beautiful!

  2. She is such a lucky girl to have you as a momma! I love her hair, she is really just a beauty.

  3. The leg warmers, the layout & that cutie girl?! Beautiful.