Monday, May 13, 2013

What to pack in your hospital bag


I can't tell you how much research I did last year trying to figure out what was best to pack for my hospital stay.  I am a rather light packer and I was really nervous I would pack too little.  That I would just NEED that.  Turns out, for me, what I packed was just about perfect.  So I thought I would share my list of what I packed, what I missed and the whys etc.  I ended up having a c-section so natural birth moms might need more or less! 


Take your own clothes.  I went to walmart and bought 3 of those night gowns, you know the ones.  That way if I ruined them NO BIGGIE.  Toss those bad boys in the trash.  I also packed cozy socks, a sports bra or nursing bra something with no metal and no plastic.  I wore mine the whole time I was in labor and right into the OR.  It was great.  Pack undies for going home ONLY.  Wear those yucky ones they give you.  Especially if you have a c-section!  An outfit to go home in, slippers or flip flops.  I also packed a hoodie. 


I took my own shampoo and conditioner.  I packed those olay face clothes since they are dry and easy to just wash up if you have to.  Tooth brush, paste etc.  Either use the hospitals soap or bring just plain SOAP.  C-section....again you do not want to wash up with stuff that has anything in it.  trust me! Feminine stuff, they will have it all for you.  If they don't they will get it for you.  I packed a tub of mascara, chap stick and tinted moisturizer.  I still looked like hell so there ya go :)

Baby stuff:

You really need nothing.  They will give you everything you need for your baby.  I took 2 outfits to go home in.  One in size newborn and one in 0-3 since we didn't know what would fit.  We took our special blanket to go home in and the car seat.  Thats it. 




-ipad/laptop although I didn't use mine at all.  I was far too busy.

-pillow & blanket for yourself and one for your husband.

-a sleep mask, the best.

-scrapbookers take an extra piece of paper and most hospitals will stamp their feet for you when they do the birth certificate.  if you want.  I forgot!

-we didn't take our boppy pillow, but I know lots of people take that with them.  

In all we had 1 medium suitcase and our pillows and stuff.  Do not take your purse or your pump.  I put my ID and INS card in my husbands wallet.  The hospital will supply you with a pump and everything you need for it.  Plus give you the parts to take home to use!  Hopefully someone in the blogsphere will find this helpful.  I have several posts I've been meaning to do about mommyhood and babies.  I am going to try my best to get on those!





  1. I found this super helpful! Making note of your suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

  2. sharing with my bestie who is set to give birth in July!