Sunday, September 1, 2013

Parker at 15 Months

Well gone are the monthly photo shoots.  If you want a recap look HERE. I decided to go ahead and take some fun shots of Parker at 15 months.  We went to a park to play and man do this just not show her spunk. 


She is full of personality.  She is super independent and wicked smart.  Far beyond 15 months.  I don't ever full realize it until someone with kids tells me.  I have no baseline for what is what and what she should or shouldn't be doing.  I've always just encouraged her and helped her learn what she wanted to. 



At roughly 27lbs and lord knows how tall she is running.  Full on catch me if you can.  She says around 30 words including a, b, c and 2,3 but not 1.



She is totally obsessed with shoes.  These hot pink ones are her very favorite.  I went to buy a back-up pair and they didn't have anymore, so I settled for a different color.  She didn't seem to care.  I think she likes the noise the heel makes.



She's a little daredevil.  SHe loves to swing and fly and tumble.  After vacation in late September I am enrolling her in mighty tots tumbling.  This could be good or VERY bad.  LOL.



So I think I will post another set of photos at 18 months.  I love watching her grow in photos and videos.  I find myself looking back and being amazed at how far she is come so quickly.  Thanks to all our fans who follow her and share the love that I do for her!


  1. She is just so cute I can't stand it Jen.

  2. She is super duper darling. I don't know how you stand it!!

  3. such a cutie. I love watching her grow up through pictures. She and Lily would have so much fun together.

  4. She is such a cutie and I am using your idea of the monthly pics with a vest with the month on. Thanks for the inspiration!