Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miss Terrible Two (at 20 months)


Well it's been a minute since I posted Parker's "not so monthly" update.  I was trying to do a 18 month photo shoot and well that didn't turn out too well.  We have now entered the terrible twos around here.  Exactly at 18 months it was like a switch.  She is now 20 months old, weighs in at 33lbs and roughly 35" tall.  She isn't fond of the camera anymore.  Or maybe its just the fact I want her to sit still.  Either way these are the only photos I have taken on my big camera in awhile.  Christmas was even a bust! HOW SAD! 


She really liked her cheer-leading outfit Jamie sent her.  I thought for sure I would get some grins.  Nope. 



This is as close as I got, then she went and pouted. 


I know all ya'll are like it doesn't end, 3 is worse.  I am kinda sick of hearing it doesn't get better.  She can be quite the handful and with her size well it's not easy to handle! Kudos to Moms with more than one LOL! 


  1. Yeah.... I feel ya..... I hear it gets better..... eventually.... :)

  2. She's so adorable! I'm sure it won't last long...

  3. Haha she looks like a sulky teen! That chubby thigh is too cute!

  4. We had 4 all within 5 years so take it from someone who knows...every kid is different! With all of ours we had only a tantrum every once in awhile and that was it. Part of it is how you deal with it. Yes I proved I can cook dinner with one kid lying on the kitchen floor kicking and screaming. She eventually got tired and got up and left. When not in public I ignored it. When in public I removed them from public so not to annoy others. Be firm and consistent and loving. She's so darn cute!

  5. Susan, that actually makes me feel better thank you LOL. I tend to ignore her at home. I just walk away or step right over her. However we were in Dicks last night.....I was that parent with a screaming child through the store. I was like OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  6. Aww, she is so adorable. So funny, Sadie weighs only one pound more! I agree every kid is different, three could be a breeze for her. For us, not so much. But when my oldest turned four, it was like a light switch and she was an angel :) Now that Sadie is four, she's still the devil! Hang in there, remember everything's a phase!