Monday, January 13, 2014

Thermoweb Video Tutorial + Cutting Fabric with your Silhouette


The idea is to share a bit of happy, peace, support, and love…or whatever else you’d like to add to help those in challenging circumstances.  During CHA they will be hanging on display for all to see.

Jen Chesnick- Hope Banner- Thermoweb

I created a banner to participate in Banners of Hope for CHA.  Unfortunately I should have read the guidelines.  Being a paper crafter when I think of a banner I think of the above........wellllllll that wasn't what they wanted.  However!  It still suited the purpose of finally making a video on how to cut fabric with your Silhouette Machine and Heat & Bond by Thermoweb.

Jen Chesnick- Hope Banner- Thermoweb- Details2

Jen Chesnick- Hope Banner- Thermoweb- Details

I went looked for the interfacing sold by Silhouette and let me was 4 times the cost of the Thermoweb product.  I am not saying that because I design for Thermoweb.  You can check the prices for yourself.  The video is short and sweet and if I can do it, so can any other paper crafter I promise!

Supplies Used:

Heat N Bond Lite
Medium Weight Interfacing 

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