Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scraproom Updated, Yet Again!

It really is almost commical at this point how many times my room has changed and moved.  I am up on the Bella Blog today with my space.  You can find my older space in THIS POST.

I think everyone enjoys getting to peek into other designer's scraprooms, right? It's fun to see how others store and organize the same types of products and tools that so many of us have. And while many of us have totally different ways of setting up our spaces, or have totally different types of spaces that we're working with, you never know when you'll see a new way of storing or organizing products that you can incorporate into your own space.
Scraproom Share, by Jen Chesnick.

My craft room has moved several times it's a running joke among my friends at this point. I moved into my current room when my daughter turned a year old. It was flaming hot pink! I couldn't take all the color so I painted it white for the time being. The room itself is only about 10' x 6'. It used to be our walk-in closet that's how small it is. Even with space constraints I still seem to cram it all in and a toddler to boot.

On the left side of my room is a large expedit from Ikea. I use it to store my albums, altered items and mini albums. Up top is closed storage to hide "the ugly stuff" adhesives, chipboard, extra mini albums and such. The white boxes are from Ikea. I use them all over my house! They are inexpensive and super handy.

I store all my pattern paper and card stock that is not design team related in the expedit as well. The paper holders are exactly the correct size for the expedit and they are from AC Moore made by Display Dynamics. Behind the expedit is what I call the Monica closet (from Friends) I have so much stuff shoved in there its embarrassing! The highlight of the closet is my hanging storage for my camera lights by Cowboy Studio. I use them when filming videos and when I need an extra boost of light for projects.

On my desk I use all kinds of bits and things for storage mostly from Ikea and Target. The white stands are from Ikea, the bins from Target and the washi holder is from Micheal's.

The large white shelf is actually a ribbon holder I got on clearance from Michael's. I use it to hold my Bella Designer tape.  I like keeping the little bins in front full of my most used items. Adhesive, twine, pens and dots. On the top I keep liquid glue and all of my tools. Under my desk is where I keep all of my design team items. I have 5 bins on rollers with each filled by team. I keep each collection in large ziploc bags and label them with washi tape. I found this to be the easiest way for me to keep track of everything. When I have a specific assignment I can pull out one collection and work with it rather then digging through everything. I tend to make projects by line rather than mixing items anyway. Discontinued items get filtered into my regular stock of supplies.

On the other side of the room I have all of my mist, glitters, paint, embossing powders etc and my punches. The shelves are from Ikea (no longer made) you can get picture shelves similar to these just a tad bigger. The punch holders are towel racks also from Ikea.

Under the longer of the two desks I house my embellishments, random cords and things and my machines. I used a closet system from Ikea for this stuff and plastic divider trays that come with the system. Are you seeing the Ikea trend?

Finally I added in a little persons desk by Step 2 yet all she wants to do is sit at mine. I can't blame her with all the pretty stuff!
Thanks for taking this tour with me. I hope it gives you some great ideas for your own space!


  1. I would love to know about your lights! I am looking for some and love how compact they are. Also would love to know about how you hang them on the door. Thanks! Your space is amazing!

  2. Love your hanging light storage, mine just stay up and consume 1/2 the space in my room...gotta' do something about that and now I have an idea!

  3. its beautiful and looks to be very user friendly