Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Snapshots with Bella Blvd



I was up on the Bella Blvd last week with Pinterest Inspired projects.  I kinda took a detour with this one LOL.  I am not sure why but I just took direction from the pile of sequins.  I hand cut all the cameras from the Snapshots line and threw them in a pile and started sticking them down.

Jen Chesnick- Snapshots

Jen Chesnick- Snapshots- Detail4

Jen Chesnick- Snapshots- Detail3

Jen Chesnick- Snapshots- Detail2

Jen Chesnick- Snapshots- Detail1

Bonus project..I forgot to post from last month!  Trends with Triangles.  Which I am honestly not a huge fan of. So I used BIG ones. 

Jen Chesnick- Slides & Smiles- Bella Blvd

Jen Chesnick- Slides & Smiles- Bella Blvd- Detail2

Jen Chesnick- Slides & Smiles- Bella Blvd- Detail1




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