Thursday, August 14, 2014

No Sew Pillow Cases Tutorial - With Thermoweb

Y'all I am back with another ridiculously easy no sew project using Peel and Stick Fabric Fuse by Thermoweb.  You can find other no sew projects in the labels sections on the right hand side of the blog.  I hit up Home Goods last week in search of some new accents for my living and dining room.  I am starting to change the color scheme of these two rooms and I typically take it slow.  One because of my budget and two because I cannot decide on the EXACT color scheme HA!  However pops of coral are a yes, so when I saw these napkins in the clearance aisle I about screamed SCORE. I checked the size and they are 20x20 perfect for my pillows.  They were 2.99 for 4!  If they had more I would have snagged those too.  Here is what ya do!

These literally take 15 minutes to make.  Lay out your napkin and run the Peel and Stick Fabric Fuse along the edges.  Be sure to get it right up to the edge and either layer over the corners OR cut them with a clean line.  Peel off three sides and simply line up your second napkin and press them together.  Give it a good rub!

Then stuff your pillow in.  I left my liner on my pillow because they are feather and prone to stabbing me!  Also I didn't want to line these napkins, so I figured it would make them not so see through.  Peel off the final strip of tape and press it good.  And you have some new pillow cases!

You are probably wondering how the heck I am going to wash these.  Well believe it or not even with a toddler I don't wash my cases that often.  I am not sure how we manage this LOL.  The cream pillow is my CHRISTMAS pillow I am hiding the pattern.  It hasn't been washed since oh probably November of last year.  SO I figure I am good to go.  I will probably replace them case all together before then because I have decor A.D.D.  Hope you enjoyed!

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