Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frozen Princess and Olaf the Trick or Treat bag with Heat N Bond

Well I don't know how to best describe how much I love these photos.  Parker being so happy with her costume was the best thing ever! Seeing it all together makes it worth all the work that went into it.  I have to thank my crafty stars for Heat N Bond Ultra.  If you have never watched a YouTube video on how to cut fabric with your Silhouette Cameo you are missing out! You can watch mine here:

The hat was purchased on Etsy from Amys Custom Crochet.  The dress I put together mashing up some patterns I already had.  I used the Tilly bodice, Cricket Sleeves, Lazt Susan back all by Brownie Goose.  I added length and I just literally winged the scalloped bottom.  The cap is by Seamingly Smitten although I don't recommend the pattern.  Grab Made for Mermaids instead, plus she has a tutorial on how to add the caplet to the top of her cape. 

The bag I created from fleece (no pattern) then Bill cut out Olaf's face in felt and I glued it right on with Fabric Fuse, new to Thermoweb! 

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