Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Simple Skirt and Sash Tutorial- Bella Blvd Snapshots

Riley Blake Designs has just released a new fabric collection from Bella Blvd, featuring our Snapshots collection! You can check out the entire collection HERE, as well as find information on where to purchase Riley Blake Designs fabrics (including online retailers).
We thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on this fun new fabric collection this week. We send fabric to not only our wonderful fabric designers, but to some of our layout and card designers as well. We have a great mix of projects to share with you this week, all featuring the Snapshots fabrics. And a handful of the designers also put together tutorials for you as well! 
Simple Skirt with Sash, by Jen Chesnick
Hi everyone Jen Chesnick here today to show you how to create a simple skirt and sash for your little one. I just recently started sewing again and a skirt is a nice place to start. You can make them quickly and in mass. Plus is so much more inexpensive! And so personal. The new Snapshots collection is just as awesome as the paper line. My daughter enjoyed picking out her favorite patterns. The Multi Hearts was my very favorite and I saved it just for this project. Let's get started!
Start by cutting your fabric for your skirt. The measurements will vary by the size of your child obviously! Measure your child's waist and double it. For the length measure from waist to the top of the knee. Add allowance for seams, for the hem I added 2.5” and for the waist seam I added 2.5” roughly. Once you are all set turn your fabric right sides together and sew your back seam. Use shears or a zig zag stitch to finish your edges and press open your seam.
Since we are pressing, go ahead and press your hem. Turn your fabric ½” and press, then turn your fabric 2” and press again. Tucking your first fold under therefor giving you the finished edge, and sew.
Next we will tackle the waist seam. As I said above I gave myself 2.5” for this seam. Fold your fabric over 2.5” and press. ½” down from the top of your skirt sew around to create your top ruffle. Next using your elastic just measure for accuracy before you stitch your bottom seam. I use a piece of designer tape to mark where my fabric needs to stay. Be sure to leave a 2” or so hole to insert your elastic. Sew your seam.
4   5
Using your handy dandy elastic threading tool, insert your elastic and pull through.
At this point I like to try the skirt on my daughter just to check for waist accuracy. Trim down your elastic if needed. Back to your machine and sew your pieces together using a zig zag stitch, twice.
7   8
We are almost there! Once you get your elastic placed top stitch your seam closed. I also like to run a straight stitch up and down to secure the elastic in place.
And now you have a finished skirt!
Once you have skirt making down pat it’s time to add some details. I chose to add a sash to this skirt. What little girl doesn't love that?! Taking your child's waist measurement add another half. So my sash will be 30” long divided by 2. I wanted the sash to be roughly 3.5” wide. So I cut two pieces of fabric and 7”x15”. Using fusible interfacing, line your sash pieces per the directions on the package.
Next right sides together stitch your two sash pieces together and press your seam.
Next fold your now long sash right sides together (long ways) and starting at the corner stitch around the length of the sash. I like a center seam so I leave a 2” hole in the center so I can turn my sash. You could also just leave the end open, it’s up to you.
Once you have your sash sewn we will tackle the triangle corners. Using a measuring tape or ruler I marked 2.5” in from the bottom and a dot on the top of the corner and drew my line. Sew along your line and trim off the excess. Repeat on the other end.
Next turn your sash right side out, tuck your seam edges in and close with a top stitch.
Almost done! Top stitching, in my opinion, makes the sash. I like to start on the top of the sash and finish on the already top stitched seam.
When you get to the corner follow these steps to create a perfect turn.
Step 1--stop before your corner and with your needle sunk in, turn your fabric 45 degrees like the picture.
Step 2-- take two stitches
Step 3--turn another 45 degrees and sew as normal.  
Once you have everything top stitched, it’s time to attached the sash. Run a gather stitch in the center of the sash. Pin it to the back of the skirt on the seam and stitch.
And you are ALL DONE!  
Bella Blvd Snapshots Fabric by Blake Riley Designs; Heat N Bond Interfacing; Light or Medium Elastic; Notions
Riley Blake Designs markets our fabrics under Stephanie Hunt as the designer. When purchasing or searching the Riley Blake website it's actually easier & more efficient to find the Bella Blvd fabrics under "Stephanie Hunt" as the artist.

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